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Doug Jensen
Doug Jensen
Doug Jensen

Hello, my name is Doug Jensen and I've specialized in documentary and film-style video production for broadcast and corporate clients since 1983. My credits and clients include all the broadcast networks, most of the major cable channels, dozens of documentary producers, and literally hundreds of businesses and government agencies. When you hire me, you get an experienced DP who works exclusively with his own gear (I never rent cameras) and that offers many advantages in speed, efficiency and quality.

I am also the founder and owner of Vortex Media which manufactures such products as WarmCards, Storm Jacket Camera Covers,  nd more than a dozen Master Class training videos and books for Sony camcorders. I spend several weeks each summer at Maine Media Workshops teaching courses on interview lighting, camera operation, and producing corporate video. I have worked for Sony at every NAB since 2007 and they regularly send me out to teach workshops and train VIP customers.

My standard equipment includes state-of-the-art Sony PXW-Z750, FX6, PMW-F55 and PXW-FS7 cameras that can shoot in a variety of video formats, including: XDCAM HD422, XAVC HD, XAVC 4K, RAW 4K, RAW 2K, HDCAM SR, XOCN, ProRes, and more.  My F55 and FX6  can also shoot high-speed slow-motion at up to 240 fps in HD and 120 fps in 4 . Depending on the needs of your production and workflow, I can configure my cameras for shooting S-LOG or RAW for the greatest dynamic range and options in post, or I can configure the camera with one of my own custom Scene Files that will deliver an excellent "look" right out of the camera with no grading in post needed.

I avoid using SLR lenses. I own an extensive collection of high-end PL cinema lenses that deliver optimal picture quality. My lenses include a Zeiss LWZ.2 15.5-45 PL zoom and a full set of Schneider Cine-Xenar primes. I always record on genuine Sony SxS or XQD cards because your shoot is too important to risk using cheaper media. I can also provide a compact off-loading station with a computer and Sony SxS card reader for very fast off-loading of memory cards in the field. My standard equipment package includes the top-of-the-line Sony DXW digital wireless mic system, a fully-equipped lighting and grip package, and more.







Some of my Clients and Credits:

Eco Challenge Fiji, Survivor, 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, Olympics (OBS)  Dateline NBC, Big Brother, NBC Sports, Sony, FedEx, PepsiCo, Litepanels, Barnes & Noble, Mystic Aquarium, TNT, E!, A&E, Foxwoods, HGTV, TV LAND, Extreme Homes, TLC, Speargun Hunter, Jacobsen & Friends, Golf Channel, Command Decisions, Fox Sports, Greystone, Fox Broadcasting, Sundance Channel, NHK, BBC, ITN, EBU, Team Alinghi, Court TV, Discovery Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, Oprah, American Justice, NASCAR Images, NBC News, History Channel, NBA Entertainment, ESPN, Warner Bros., Animal Planet, The Travel Channel, ABC News, ABSAT, Lifetime, Weather Channel, Towers Productions, CBS Productions, Weller/Grossman, Atlas Media, HomeFront, Holland America, New Dominion Pictures, Pinnacle, Food Network, MGM, HBO Zone, Hard Copy, Inside Edition, U.S. Department of Defense, CNBC, PBS, EXTRA!, CNN, Microsoft, Goodwill Games, National Enquirer TV, Health Week, Harvard Business School, Good Morning America, U.S. Olympic Committee, MSNBC, Hardball, Ogilvy & Mather, Hasbro, Disney, AMF, Textron, Fleet Bank, Citizens Bank, GTECH, Johnson & Johnson, Sylvania, Home Depot, Gartner, McKinsey, Aramark, Novartis, Pfizer, Bayer, Amgen, Merck, Pampered Chef, Nieman-Marcus, Wendy's, UPS, Progressive, Wachovia, Ocean Spray, Johnson & Wales, Merrill Lynch, Scholastic, Prentice Hall, IBM, Xerox, Gillette, Lockheed, AARP, Volvo, APC, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, The Hartford, Mystic Aquarium, Fox News Sunday, Pratt & Whitney, Texas Instruments, Healthbanks, Centers for Disease Control, F/X, Homefront, Boy Scouts, Anheuser-Busch, Primedia, Dept. of Veteran Affairs, University of North Carolina, University of Oklahoma, National Reconnaissance Office, Defense Media Activity, New England Tech, Maine Media Workshops, and more.












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